Dodge Travel Queen RV

1976 Dodge Travel Queen with 87,000 miles with 440 engine and 727 transmission. Was very high end when built. It has everything you would expect in a mid to late 80s mid priced class A. 1994-1997 at 73,000 Miles engine was rebuilt along with all new or rebuilt attachments and accessories. New belts and hoses, gas furnace, generator, carpet, upholstery and window treatments. Rebuilt attachments and accessories include front axle/spindles/steering, front break shoes, cylinders, rear break shoes, transmission, drive shafts, radiator, engine air and cab floor. Other features include a full fiberglass body and roof, drivers door, eagle air drivers seat, on board air system with 12v and 100v compressors with air, horn and bags with front and rear controls, level ride system, steering stabilizer. Built in features include a vacuum, blender, ext. B.B.Q grill and garbage container with exterior access, water purifier, water pressure blatter, tub/shower combo, Large capacity sewer/water, propane and gas. Custom build combination seats/tv console/storage locker that converts to a fully padded bed. With 2 couples this RV can sleep 8. $5000.00